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21 Day Fix Barre Legs Review

21 Day Fix Ultimate DVD Barre Legs Review!

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I have on the 21 Day Fix plan for a little over a month now. I have found much success with it in losing almost 20 pounds so far already! I am excited to continue on with it for many rounds to reach my weight loss + health goals. You can check out a lot of my 21 Day Fix vegetarian recipes here on Potentially Lovely.

Like so many Beachbody things, you can’t really find 21 Day Fix Ultimate DVD Barre Legs reviews on line that are genuine and not from coaches who make money by saying great things about these workouts. So let me say again – I AM NOT A COACH! I get nothing other than warm fuzzies by recommending this to you.


The workouts on this plan are awesome and insanely butt kicking for being only 30 minutes! My only issue is with the Lower Fix workout (the one for legs). I have pretty bad knees and there are just too many lunges in the Lower Fix for me to do without incurring too much pain. Soooooo, I bought the Ultimate DVD for $30. This disc includes 2 more 30 minute workouts; Barre Legs and Abs. I have not done the abs one yet (or ever, lol) but the reason I got it was to, hopefully, replace Lower Fix with Barre Legs, and it was a good decision!


Barre Legs does have a lunge series, but just back lunges and just the once. So I can skip it or do something different in place of it and not be wasting too much time. Barre legs starts off with Autumns traditional warmup (anyone else getting tired of it!?) but then moves on to a whole new set up for the majority of the workout! Instead of rounds, Barre Legs is a constant stream of new moves, no specific move gets repeated. I LOVED this! It felt like it went by faster this way. The moves are repeated in that you do the full move 20x, pulse 20x and then hold the move for 30 seconds. This is a no weights workout also.


Besides the lunges, there was no move that I couldn’t do on my first try but I did have troubles holding every move for the full 30 seconds. This is a really intense but low impact leg & butt workout! I didn’t get too sweaty but I could tell it was hitting some muscles that Lower Fix and the other workouts don’t. It’s supposed to be based on ballet movements but as I am no ballet dancer I have no clue if this is a true Barre workout, but I do know that it’s lower impact than Lower Fix and a killer leg workout!


Try it out and let me know what you think! Maybe one day I’ll try the 30 minute ab one and let you know how that goes – lol 😉




  • Alex

    July 26, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Congrats on your weight loss! I’m in my second week and hoping to lose about 15-20 lbs (will probably take a few rounds) and am vegetarian as well. I’m definitely struggling with cravings for sweets- they did not disappear like most people. I’m in the 1800 bracket (and I’m nursing) but I’m still hungry. I’m finding it hard to meet all the protein containers even with yogurt and cottage cheese. Would be easier if I ate meat. Anyway would love if you continue to share your meal plans, recipes and strategies!

  • Lisa Carbonara

    February 17, 2015 at 1:53 am

    Congrats on your weight loss and some good info with your opinion on the 21 Day Fix. I am a vegan doing the Advanced 21 Day Fix Extreme and I just love it. I am rehabbing from a completely torn ACL knee and hamstring reconstruction so you an imagine my thoughts on jumping or deep lunging so I modify where needed and the strength and rehab has been essential for my recovery. Modifying where needed is key.

    The food plan is so awesome, balances out your food with not only portion but the macro balance and I love helping other vegans figure this eating plan out, making them healthier and saving the animals too!

    I also wanted to say just one thing with a smile so please read it that way. I am a proud, honest coach, like my entire team that I lead and hundreds of other coaches I know. Every single word that comes out of my mouth is authentic and to help the person first & foremost, usually after hours and hours of free coaching that continues to be free, and not with my first intention to make a sale. Yes, it is my business but I do not lead with sales. It wont work that way.

    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in any profession, with being compensated for helping someone, especially when the compensation comes from the company. In fact, everyone is compensated whenever you grocery shop, electronic shop, go see a movie, see a doctor etc. and not just in network marketing. Like anything else in the world, there probably are people who may be in-genuine or come across that way and its unfortunate that you had this experience that left you feeling that way. Still, your weight loss is awesome & I’m happy for you..Good work!

    That’s all I wanted to clarify. It’s about finding the right coach to help a person reach their goals, that makes the difference. I wish you continued success! 🙂


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