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21 Day Fix Vegetarian Week 1 Recap

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It has been one week since I began my 1st round of the 21 Day Fix and it has been awesome! I knew that this program seemed like it would fit my life well but I had no idea how much I’d enjoy the challenge of clean eating and how much it would positively effect the way I feel. I know that before I chose to do this program I searched high and low on the web for an all encompassing, genuine 21 Day Fix Vegetarian Week 1 recap, so I hope some of you out there find this useful.

This is a true and honest review of this program. I know that when you search for 21Day Fix reviews you find a lot of reviews from coaches and others who have something to gain by recommending this program. I am not a coach and have nothing to gain if you choose to look into this program. I am just a gal who has been struggling to drop the pounds and whose tried so.very.many things to lose weight.


This diet new way of life is easy! It’s clean eating. So think about it. Look at a list of ingredients. Do you recognize all of those things? If not then you’re probably not looking a whole, clean food. Everything sounds like a real food? Chances are you have something clean there! It’s not always that simple, but it can be at first. It’s a start. If it sounds like science, it’s not clean.


At first, I was concerned about adapting this diet to my vegetarian lifestyle. I am not a typical vegetarian in that I don’t like a lot of veggies. I know, it’s weird. I stopped eating meat because of animal cruelty reasons, not health reasons, so I have had to work hard to make friends with the veggies that I eat now. However, this diet is easy peasy for a vegetarian. Like most often, I do think it would be easier to do as a carnivore, but this is the path I have chosen. The few things that I am still eating that are not clean are a result of my dietary choices. Veggie burgers (that aren’t homemade) and faux meats are not super clean. There is science sounding ingredients in them. Would I eventually like to eliminate them from my diet? Yes. I also want to make sure I start this plan out easy on myself though, so that I can experience success before making it more of a challenge.


I think that’s been my biggest factor in success. I didn’t start off trying to be fancy and creating all sorts of complicated recipes. I made a list of what foods I liked, bought them and then created meals with them. Easy peasy. At the end of week 1 I started trying some recipes out and it is complicated to measure your containers when combining uncooked foods to make 1 cooked portion of a recipe. I’m sure this will continuously get easier with time.


I fall into the second highest container bracket. Before I started I thought I would be starving all day and craving my old standbys. That’s not happening. I have trouble eating all of my containers, am usually quite satisfied and full and have rarely craved my usual “treats”. In my 1st week I cheated only once. I had a fro-yo sundae. Don’t let the fro-yo name confuse you, the sundae I make is full of candy, nuts, caramel sauce, peanut butter and cookie dough. So it was a big discretion. But it was a decision that I made and was fully aware of what I was doing. I don’t feel bad about it at all! I still had great success in my 1st week (RESULTS LATER!).


Can’t forget to touch on the workouts! They are each 30 minutes each and there’s a different one for each day (which is good because I lose interest fast!). In general I love the workouts. They are quite challenging but not so much that I am discouraged to do them. In the past I have done Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner DVD’s, which are both tough, but these are tougher and more efficient, I can tell already. Jillian + Jackie are great and I am sure that in the future I will do those workouts again, but the Fix workouts are on another level. For sure.


First you do the Full Body Cardio Fix workout. This is tough. I take some extra breaks and end super sweaty. Then you have Lower Fix. Compared to the day before, it’s a cake walk, but efficient as my legs and butt hurt afterwards. Next is Upper Fix, again compared to Full Body Cardio, it’s easy, but challenging. I like splitting it up like that and giving the upper and lower body a rest on those days. After Upper Fix is Pilates Fix. I didn’t love this. Maybe I just don’t like Pilates, I don’t know. There were some HARD moves in it though, so I appreciated those. Pilates is considered an active recovery day, so it’s less intense. Day 5 is the Dirty 30. This was kind of a combo of everything, quick moving and challenging. I really like this one. Last you have Yoga Fix, the real active recovery workout, which I hated. She doesn’t give thorough instructions like she does on all the others, and as someone who doesn’t do Yoga, I don’t know what the hell these moves are called. The 1st half was super boring and not useful. The 2nd half incorporated some stretches that felt very good after a week of hard work. But all in all, this is not a workout I will look forward to.


Now for my week 1 results!

In 1 week on the 21 Day Fix I lost 10.2 pounds and 6″!


One Comment

  • Tanya

    June 29, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    I’m just starting the Fix and came across your blog. I needed some vegetarian food options, and I’m loving your blog so far. and 10 lbs your first week!?!?!?!?!? Holy moly that’s awesome!!!
    Now that it’s been a while, are you still sticking with it, even if it’s not having to measure everything like at first?
    I’m excited to get started.
    And JUST like you, I went vegetarian for my conscience and I dislike many vegetables. I used to be vegan, but I had to add back in eggs because I was REALLY struggling with protein being vegan since I really don’t like tofu or tempeh or other forms of protein. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your journey (even if that word is dumb). LOL


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