I am Jes. I am a thirty-something year old twenty-something. Ever since turning 30, I have never felt my age. As a matter of fact, each year I feel like I’m getting younger. This makes immersing myself in an adult world sometimes awkward. I am  perpetually living as 26 year old.

I am constantly thinking about how to be healthier and lose weight, while laying on my couch.

I cook, quilt, embroider and make cards.

Here’s a list of things I love:

  • sloths
  • capybaras
  • sharks
  • mid century design
  • architecture
  • crafting
  • snow globes
  • garlic
  • cookies
  • horror movies
  • dogs
  • succulents
  • Sugar Free Red Bull
  • The Bachelor
  • tulips
  • cheese