Adventures in Powder Coating

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I got the boyfriend the best Christmas gift in the history of gifts last year. A membership to a maker space. He has since learned welding, wood working, sand blasting, plasma cutting, laser engraving and powder coating. His 1st adventure in powder coating was refinishing our grill, which surprisingly looks incredible!

He brought a vintage metal cart home from visiting his family last weekend. It was glorious and so mid-century but pretty old, discolored and rusty. We decided to powder coat it with a lightly rose colored gold color. The powder, which was actually slightly more than enough for the project, was only $14.00 from Powder Buy the Pound.

I didn’t do much helping other than documenting and moral support but I still feel pretty proud of this piece now that we’re done. Also, it was fascinating to watch the process. It looks amazing! Such a difference from when we got it. It’s nice to revamp something old and genuine to looking great again instead of buying disposable crap at Ikea.

Here’s what went down:


It started as a rusty, old piece with potential.

IMG_6173   IMG_6178

He put it into the blast sander, which is a bog box with a sand gun inside and giant gloves to put your hands in. He did this to get most of the rust off.


Then he hand sanded the whole piece.


Then you hang the pieces on a rack in the powder coating booth. The back wall is a giant exhaust system. You have to clip an electric current onto the metal piece so the powder gets charged and sticks to the metal.


The powder spurts out of the gun so softly. It’s super fine powder and magically, or scientifically, sticks to the metal.


This is what it looked like before going into the oven.

IMG_6190 IMG_6202

A person sized oven is heated up to 375° and the pieces are transferred to another rack in there for 10 minutes.




IMG_6237  IMG_6239

I’m using it as the worlds cutest plant stand, which is what I think it was likely intended for. I just love it.


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