Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

Culinary Fancy Box Review September

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The Culinary Fancy Box is a new Fancy box. It replaces the Tyler Florence Box that was recently cancelled. This is my 1st Culinary Fancy Box and my 1st Fancy Box in general. This box is perfect for me because I adore kitchen gadgets!

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Fancy has a bunch of boxes to choose from, from their standard Fancy Box, to celebrity curated boxes (Snoop Dogg, Nicki Hilton. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Rowland, T-Pain etc). They are $39 a month plus $7.95 shipping to the US. Fancy ships via FedEx and it took 2 days to arrive. I got my shipping notification on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday! Here is my Culinary Fancy Box Review September!


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

The 1st look inside had me excited! Umbra is always a fav of mine.


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

Like most subscription boxes, this has an info card with what all of the products are. This months theme was ‘World of Spice’ – Add fire to your dishes any way you like with this month’s assortment of spice related tools. Heat up the kitchen while the weather cools down.


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September : http://potentially-lovely.comCulinary Fancy Box Review - September :

Umbra Cylindra Spice Rack – $15 – I love Umbra products. They are not always the best made but they usually have a funky design and this lives up to that! I have spices coming out of my ears and this will be an awesome thing to use for some spices that usually go together.


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September : Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

AdHoc Spice Bomb – $25 – This is so cool! Instead of fishing out bay leaves from soups and sauces and chomping down on bits of rosemary, this ball filter holds them in whatever you are cooking, leaving behind all of their flavor goodness without having to remove them later! I will for sure be using this a lot.


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

Norpro Jalepeno Corer – $8 – We don’t eat or cook with jalapeno so this will be gifted away but it’s a cool thing if you do!

Norpro Powdered Sugar/Spice Spoon – $12 – YES! I adore baking. I don’t do it often because then I’ll eat what I made, in great quantities. This little spoon will be awesome for sprinkling powdered sugar onto desserts!

Norpro Nutmeg Grinder – $7 – At first I thought I’d give this away because I don’t use nutmeg, but then I realized that you could use it for more than Nutmeg. You could grate garlic, hard cheeses, ginger and chocolate. I’ll be keeping this for sure.


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

Quirky Clip and Clean – $8 – These are silly. I guess if you’re afraid to touch a knife it could be useful?


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

Chef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper – $8 – I am most happy to have got this. I waste so many fresh herbs because I can’t use a whole bunch of cilantro or parsley before it goes bad. This little contraption will make me a twisty little popsicle of herbs that I can grate while frozen. Genius.


Culinary Fancy Box Review - September :

Pepper Creek Farms Vietnamese Cinnamon – $7 – I’ll take it! It says: Because of its higher oil content, Vietnamese cinnamon disperses more fully throughout your baked goods, giving them cinnamon-through-and-through flavor. OK. It’s really finely ground and I feel fancy using things from fancy jars. I just happened to make a baked oatmeal the day I got this so that was cool.


Totaled up I get $90 worth of cool kitchen gadgets here. Not bad! I’m sure you could find some of these a little cheaper. I know kitchen the price of gadgets and this seems right on. I am super pleased that I chose the Culinary Fancy Box and will definitely continue to get it! Do you get the Culinary Box? If so, let me know what you thought of these products in the comments! And if you know of any other kitchen themed boxes, let me know~!


** this post has affiliate links : I paid full price for this box, it was not given to me to review **

One Comment

  • Erin

    September 28, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    I was super disappointed by this box (but found last month’s great). Most the items I don’t feel I’ll use… and those knife cleaners seem like more work than using your fingers/ towel etc. I was most excited about the spice rack, but my boyfriend is worried the containers will open too easily.. we’ll likely use it to sort small hardware instead of spices.

    I think I liked Tyler Florence’s box having a mix of food/ gadgets more. I figure I’ll give Fancy Culinary one more month then decide whether or not to keep it.


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