Fitgirl 28 Day Jumpstart

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I’m trying another new plan. It’s quite similar to 21DF, but without so much emphasis on protein from meat. This program is hugely LOVED on Instagram and has an e-book with full menu plan and home workouts. I was drawn to it because the food looks pretty good and it has a lot of options for switching the food up to be vegetarian and to avoid things you don’t like.

I’ll still be doing my classes at the fitness studio I belong to, and adding in their workouts as well. Well, I say that now at least.

I have to say I feel a little old for this plan. It seems heavily geared towards your young, hip girls. I do love how silly the design of the e-book is and how colorful everything they do is. They use retro images of ladies and fun verbiage to make this seem hip. There are some hokey aspects that I’m not sure I’ll be doing, like making a heart with my goals on it or calling myself a mermaid.

Every 28 days they have a new “Challenge” on Instagram. It’s just a large group doing the 28 days together with checkins. I like the community there on Instagram. There are TONS of girls you can follow for motivation and food ideas. They have nearly 5 MILLION followers. That’s crazy. I must not be the only one who is won over by cute design and bright colors.


So, today I prepped the 1st part of my week 1! I’ll be having: Cherry Overnight Oats, Pasta Primavera, Sweet Potato Tacos, Pita Pizza, Hard boiled eggs, dark chocolate squares and Strawberry/Banana Smoothies. That doesn’t sound horrible.

Check it out and maybe join me!


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