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Modcloth Stylish Surprise March 2014 | http://potentially-lovely.com

It’s That Time Again! Modcloth’s Stylish Surprise!

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Have you ever shopped Modcloth’s Stylish Surprise? It’s the most thrilling shopping experience there is. I think this might be one of those moments when you realize that you are a few steps above loving shopping 🙂 So, first, it’s a surprise. Unless you’re a part of an awesome Facebook Style group like I am, full of incredible girls who somehow always figure out ahead of time when the ‘Surprise’ will be, you won’t know when it’s happening. Second, normally it’s $15 (for apparel & shoes) but this time it’s only $10 each! This is amazing. Trust me. So, for $10 you get to choose a category: apparel, shoes, apartment & accessories (apartment & accessories are only $5!) and a size. This time around they also added new size options (11 total), which is the best thing ever since Modcloth’s sizing can be so finicky.

**Starting: 3/19 @ 1:00pm EST (or earlier!)**

The whole gist is for your $10 you will get an item worth anywhere from $29.99 to $299.99. Sure, you’re more likely to get something worth $30 than $300 but I have known girls who DID get pieces upwards of that amount. Exciting! But it sells out quickly, like really really quickly, so get some asap.

I  have participated in this special sale every time since I 1st heard about it. I do not always get something I love, but at such a cheap price, it’s a super fun gamble that often pays off. The coat I have been wearing all winter this year was a Stylish Surprise. A $100+ coat for $15. Can’t beat that.

I’ve gotten all categories except apartment and will only get apparel from now on. Modcloth sells some amazing shoes, no doubt, but they also sell some WILD shoes too. So for my Stylish Surprise I’d rather risk it on cute dresses than crazy shoes. However, some girls get purses. Really nice purses. That’s the draw and allure of the accessory category. I got a giant, not me, necklace and matching bracelet last time. No more accessories for me. Dresses. Give me dresses! Apparel can be anything from a coat to a dress. A t-shirt to a skirt. The fun is that you have no idea!

It’s a joy once it ships because then you can become even crazier and guess what you’re getting based on shipment weights 🙂 Last time I got 2 thick coats and it was quit heavy. Oh the joys of being a clothes nerd. Then it arrives and you get to see if you’re in love or if you’re swearing that you’ll never do this again – you will. Once your joy, or fright, wears down you can start googling what you got to what the value is. That’s always fun: seeing how much your items were worth. Obviously, Modcloth only adds items to this sale that they had too many of and that aren’t selling, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get something amazing.

Anyways, head over right now – THIS DOESN’T LAST LONG – and buy one, or a few or a hell of a lot! And be sure to come back when they arrive to share with me what you got! And check back to see what I got!

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